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THE ECONOMICS TIMESShould you have more than one nominee in your term insurance?

The nomination process is crucial to protect the interests of the insured’s family. However, just appointing one nominee shouldn’t be done by default as many do.

Money ControlFour advantages of opting for a multi-year health insurance plan

If you don’t want the hassle of renewing your policy each year and can afford the higher one-time premium outgo, opting for a multi-year health insurance plan could work to your advantage.

IndiatimesUnclaimed Insurance Money With LIC Is Higher Than 4 Indian Ministry Budgets & 2 Gaganyaan Missions!

The scale of this massive outstanding amount is much higher than the budgets of many central government ministries Unclaimed amounts include settled claims which haven’t been paid out, sums which become due when policies mature as well as excess amounts paid which are to be refunded